Introduction to #KneesUp

14-Day KneesUp Dance Challenge

  • #KneesUp is a dance movement created to unapologetically show up for yourself daily 
  • 2-week program 
  • designed to fit your lifestyle 
  • inspire accountability and joy through dance 
  • movement to do one thing every day that makes you happy

KneesUp is for anyone experiencing any of these

  • unhappy being inactive
  • doesn't want to go to the gym
  • self-esteem challenges
  • no time for working out
  • hard to find accountability pals
  • difficult to stick with something
  • wanting to dance more

Just about anyone on any dance level

Challenge includes

  • 14 KneesUp Front Affirmations
  • 14 Boogie Buddy videos*
  • 14 Cooldown Diary videos*
  • Line dance tutorial
  • Links to KneesUp playlists*
  • Links to helpful reference materials*
  • Certificate of Completion

*may contain profanity

About Me - Queen It Shall Be

  • 41-year old Creator & Dancer
  • Wife & Mom
  • Board Game Developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Brooklyn, NY Native
  • 919 consecutive days dancing (at the time of recording this)

Dance history includes

  • Tap, Ballet & Jazz (as a kid)
  • Created my first routine for Girl Scouts troop talent show at 10
  • Dance Instructor, Choreographer from 1991-2016
  • parties, flash mobs, music videos, pole dance, fitness

The KneesUp Story: 2019

  • Started new business
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Anxiety
  • Pride
  • Unpreparedness
  • Depression
  • Actively practicing poor self-care
  • Suffered major breakdown
  • reached out 
  • researched 
  • counseling/therapy

something had to be done, but there were concerns


What if I can't pay for therapy?

What if I can't find a therapist that fits?

How do I survive when I'm on my own?


What if I'm not a dancer dancer?

What if I don't dance like… ?

What if I can’t find a dance studio?

How do I keep it up if it works?

Shifting Moments

a moment where something occurs aligning with your vision/desire that produces a motivational emotional energy. “Emotivational”

*not always a huge sign

*possibly trivial to others

*listen to your Shifting Moments

My Top 5 Shifting Moments

  1. Homecoming by Beyonce
  2. Ogie Shaw TedX Lecture
  3. "Do One Every Day That Makes You Happy" plaque
  4. AfroCon Omaha 2019
  5. Caught a glimpse of my new body in the mirror

Benefits of Dancing Daily

  • dramatically enhances mood
  • boosts confidence
  • find new music
  • increases flexibility & stamina
  • self-care that's fun
  • weight loss


  • Beware Day 4
  • Challenging is an understatement
  • Keep it up
  • Remember why you started
  • 4 songs will get it done
  • Listen to your body

Can I Make Time to Dance Every Single Day?

Alive = 168 hours/week

Sleep = 56 hours per week

Adulting = 112 hours per week

Dancing 20 min/day = 2.3 hours per week

Yes.... yes you can!

Moments of No Return

a moment where something occurs aligning with your vision/desire that lets you know there’s no going back.

*Moments of No Return = PROGRESS

How to Complete the #KneesUp 14-Day Dance Challenge

Practice these 5 steps daily

  1. commit 20-mins max to dance and choose at 3 songs for you to dance to (your vibe, your choice)
  2. read #KneesUp Front Affirmation
  3. dance along to Boogie Buddy videos as accountability check (you do this before your song choices or after)
  4. watch Cooldown Diary video
  5. repeat steps 1-5 tomorrow

Things to Remember

  • prepare your space - create the energy you need to dance. Set your "Do Not Disturb" signs and create your boundaries. This is for you!
  • always stretch before dancing (and after if you can)
  • drink plenty of water
  • do your best to dance before midnight
  • keep showing up for yourself

Weight loss is a bonus. Feeling better is the GOAL.

Complete and Continue